Home Columbus Columbus: City Councilwoman JAIZA N. PAGE visits Afrikka Radio

In the wake of elections getting closer and early voting already taken off, Columbus City Councilwoman Jaiza Page ceased the biggest opportunity to reach the African electorates in Columbus Ohio by appearing on Afrikka Radio Political and Socio-econmic talkshow Global Views hosted by Mayo Makinde and Darryl O. Parker.

Councilwoman Jaiza Page assured her commitment to work with all communities including Africans to make Columbus a better place to live. She also all communities to reach out to her office, and she would be readily available to meet with them.

While working in the Columbus City Attorney’s office, Councilmember Jaiza N. Page was assigned to a specialized unit of attorneys that work closely with residents and business owners to improve the quality of life in the community. As a City Councilmember, Page pledges to bring the same level of passion and commitment to her new role as a public servant.


“I know firsthand that it is our neighborhoods and the individuals who live in them that make Columbus such a great city,” said Councilmember Page. “It is important to ensure that our residents feel connected to their government and to their elected officials. I know Columbus has what it takes to be the greatest city in the nation.”

Born and raised in the Linden neighborhood, Councilmember Page began working as a law clerk in the City Attorney’s office in May of 2008 before becoming an Assistant City Attorney. She is a problem solver with a unique ability to be able to listen to community concerns and understand how to remedy those issues. She has assisted in litigating environmental issues and held problem property owners accountable for the damage done to the neighborhoods. She worked with residents and the courts to shut down the Motel One on East Main Street and demolish the former Howard Johnsons hotel site on Hamilton Road. Councilmember Page looks to continue and build upon already successful city programs that turn vacant or abandoned properties into productive uses while aggressively taking action against liquor establishments that drain City resources with police runs and repeated health or code violations.










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