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In yet another bad blur on Ghanaians everywhere, one woman based in the United States of America is bitterly recounting the tales of how one Ghanaian and his partner planned a massive way to defraud her.

Both emotionally and financially.

The woman, named, Rachel Anne Williamson started posting updates on her Facebook about how one Gideon Mac Tetteh met her in March 2014 and started his elaborate plan to defraud her.



Rachel met Gideon Mac Tetteh in March 2014
Gideon told Rachel that he was just recovering from a marriage to an abusive ex-wife in Minnesota
The couple got married on November 24 2014.
Rachel started noticing odd calls on her husband phone’s 3 months into their marriage
Gideon told Rachel of his 6-year old daughter back in Ghana who was dying from brain tumor and need to get surgical attention
Rachel co-signed a $4,000 loan for Gideon to use for the surgery and paid for his plane ticket to go back to Ghana
Gideon told Rachel of his supposed sister Lydia who was apparently getting married during the period he would be in Ghana.
Gideon convinced Rachel to buy a ring for his sister, claiming that the sister’s husband would pay back after the wedding.
Rachel came across a video of Gideon’s supposed big sister, stripping for him; she confronted Gideon who assured her that the video was from his ex-girlfriend who had heard that he was coming back to Ghana and wanted to entice him.
Gideon left for Ghana, leaving doubts in Rachel’s mind about their marriage.
Gideon started getting distant when he was in Ghana and Rachel got worried
On investigating, Rachel found out that Gideon had actually gotten married to his supposed sister.
According to Rachel, his Ghanaian wife was well-aware of the plot. Rachel also believes that Gideon had done some research into her family background and used details from it to create a well-fitting imagery into her mind to dupe her


We met in March of 2014 and were married November 24 2014 and are still married…….here are a few pictures of us. Aren’t we cute together? My husband told me he had an ex wife in Minnesota who had been very abusive to him and he had to flee from her. I had no reason to doubt his story, we were in love, he was wonderful and a very honest God fearing man ❤ we had just been married for 3 months when Gideon had to take a trip to Helena for immigration dealings. I was unable to go along because I work 2 jobs and couldn’t take time off.

All along the way Gideon was contacting females and actually had a date with a woman in Helena. I found out about this because I had an unusually high cell phone bill and I wanted to know why. I found all kinds of odd numbers he was calling and texting. I confronted him and he made up some story about his cousin forcing him to find him an American woman. Needless to say I was very upset. I told him we were done, I wanted a divorce etc etc. he sweet talked me into giving him a second chance.

I, being a forgiving person and knowing I had made big mistakes in my past….I chose to forgive him and work on building the trust back. I knew in my gut that things were not as they should be but I quieted the doubting voices and moved forward.

Gideon was fired from numerous jobs and his Visa was expiring in January. He had told me more than once if I didn’t marry him, then he would just pay someone to marry him. During our time together her told me that his 6 year old daughter was very sick and in eventually led to her having a brain tumor and needing surgery to remove it.

In case you didn’t know, I lost my grandmother and my mother to brain tumors so this was especially heart wrenching. Gideon got me to co-sign on a $4,000 loan so his daughter could have the surgery she needed. Of course I did. She was now my daughter too. I also paid or a plane ticket for Gideon to go home to Ghana for a month to be with her. – From Rachel’s post on Facebook













Allow me to introduce myself to my new friends and family. My name is Rachel Mac Tetteh. I am currently married to…

Posted by Rachel Anne Williamson on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I left off with the sick child and trip back home to Ghana. Another interesting fact is that my husband signed up for the Army Reserves. He told me and my family that he had signed up for the national guard but that is a small detail. I was proud of him because I come from a long line of family who have served our country! Indeed a very honorable choice. He wanted to get home to visit his daughter and family before he shipped to bootcamp November 2. I made all of the arrangements for that to happen for him.

The original trip was planned for September 27-Oct 20th (3 weeks) but he then decided he wanted/needed to be there a whole month but no longer than that because he would miss me so much. So I called Delta and told them I needed to change Gideon’s reservation due to a medical issue with his daughter. Delta informed me that they would need some sort of letter from a doctor or a hospital stating her medical condition. Gideon would need to bring this with him to the Delta counter when he flew out. I relayed this information to my husband an within a couple of days he had a letter from Mission Clinic in Accra. So we got that handled and waited for the day to arrive for Gideon to go home to his daughter.

The day before he was due to leave. I had his phone because I was fixing a setting so I wouldn’t get text messages from mactetteh@icloud.com. Usually it said hubby when I’d get texts from him. While I had his phone I noticed an app called whatsapp. Now I knew that this was a texting/calling app.

We had a discussion earlier about keeping in touch while he was gone for a month. He told me that texts didn’t always come through and phone lines were unreliable….so he was basically saying we wouldn’t have a lot of contact while he was gone. I asked him about whatsapp and said Why didn’t you just tell me to download whatsapp to keep in touch with you? Oh, I didn’t even think about that!

So I held onto his phone and opened the whatsapp and was asking him who all the people were that he was talking to. When I asked about one named big sis…..of course it was his big sister duh!? Ding message from big sis! Oh good, let’s see what she has to say. I opened the message and it says let’s go take a bath…..hmmmm is it common for siblings to bathe together I asked? Oh you don’t understand our language and how we talk he says. DING a video is downloading from big sis! Oh goodie!! I open it up and a woman sets her phone down, backs up and proceeds to undress…….wow Gideon! You and your sister have a unique relationship! He grabs the phone from my hand and I lose my cool a little.

He’s already on his 2nd chance and I have flat out told him I don’t trust him. I told him I was going to file for divorce and would have the papers ready for him to sign when he got back. I proceeded to start packing his stuff for him. He begged and pleaded saying I didn’t understand….let him explain etc etc. his story was a friend of his gave an ex (just a one night stand) his phone number and she heard he was coming home so she was trying to seduce him

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  1. Eeks a lot of red flags. West Africa, Parts of east Africa are known for fraudulent activity. I know someone who processes money grams. Anyways, I once loved a Ghanian too until he beat the crap out of me while holding our two week old baby girl. Because of that, my child is fatherless and will never know her culture. What happen to me, happens in all cultures. I just feel that there is no real awareness about domestic violence in the Ghanaian community. BTW, GOD fearing men do not beat woman or scam people for a living.

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