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Raising H.O.P.E. was founded in 2011 when two sisters who understood the difficult task of attempting to raise funds for orphans were being met with a lack of financial resources and foundations in support of this effort. This barrier was presented particularly in the Ghana, West Africa where their family originates from. Based in the United States, Ellen and Andrea hope to have an organization that will immediately address the socio-economic issues that orphans and orphanages in Ghana face.

For this reason, Raising H.O.P.E. (Hopeful Orphans Pursuing Excellence) was formed by Ellen and Andrea to serve as a financial and physical resource for assisting other individuals and organizations with similar visions in the formation of orphanages across Ghana and eventually other African countries.



Dental Africa: Project Dental Africa is a nonprofit organization that advocates the importance of dental hygiene to uninformed African children. Project Dental Africa’s main focus is to educate the children of Africa on how to maintain proper oral hygiene, and to provide them with the tools necessary to do so. Project Dental Africa also aims to establish a source of dental products that are supplied to African schools and orphanages in order to increase the standard of living and life expectancy of children. In order to educate and distribute these items, Project Dental Africa will travel to the Africa and provide toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss while teaching the severe importance of each tool

Life Without Barriers Series: Life Without Barriers is a series of workshops that seeks to address the obstacles posed by developmental disabilities, such as Autism, in children and adults. Life Without Barriers intends to equip caregivers, parents and professionals with the most up-to-date research including background information, signs and symptoms of Autism and other developmental disabilities as well as interventions and strategies that can be implemented in various settings.

Life Without Barriers workshops focus on impacting two major groups: caregivers and parents of children diagnosed with or suspected of having Autism or another developmental disability; and professionals including doctors, teachers, therapists and other individuals in health/education related professions who are in constant contact with children within their communities.

Raising H.O.P.E. is an official member of the Life Without Barriers team and travels to Ghana one to two times annually to support this initiative through training workshops and presentations in the area of occupational therapy, pharmacy and other health science fields. The Life Without Barriers team is comprised of a physician, a pharmacist, a researcher and occupational therapist. Each team member is dedicated to spreading awareness of developmental disorders in children in Ghana.

God’s Childrens Home Dodowa, Ghana, West Africa
God’s Children’s Home is a Christian-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping orphans and less fortunate children in the Dodowa and Accra areas of Ghana. Their aim is to: feed, clothe, educate, and train the children whereby making them responsible citizens who will contribute to the development of their communities. Also to train them in medical awareness/hygiene and in various preventable diseases through education and literature. And lastly to provide counseling, vocational training, workshops, recreation and entertainment for children in the village.

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