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Hey fashion lovers! To say I am excited about todays look book is a gross understatement. So lets talk about CYNIM’s 2015 campaign Prinstastic. Its been unveiled in anticipation for the launch of the Brand’s website and it definitely has me at the edge of my seat. So CYNIM is a Nigerian classic shirt line which marries ethnic aesthetics and playful designs for an all around fun and flirty look. CYNIM collaborated with textile company Adirelounge to create the hand dyed prints that were used in this collection. Collectively, this collection has a whimsical and quirky flair that would make it a great addition to anyone looking to incorporate more fun into their look. The juxtaposition of the prints to the bold colors is immaculate and adds to the playfulness. The casual almost athletic nature of the collection is also a huge plus for me. My picks; the blue and green-print shirt dress and of course the multicolored wrap-dress.

-Joy Otibu



Models: Queen & Kwen Maye

MUA: Kolawole

Creative Direction: Cynthia Asije

Art Direction/Styling: Tosin of Styleinfidel

Photography: Dayo GbPixels

img_2779 img_2796 img_2808


img_2816 img_2821

  img_2834 img_2841 img_2845




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