He is the visionary behind Afrikka Radio. My passion for community involvement and organization led to the creation of the Afrikka Radio platform which he calls a ‘movement’ to engage all Africans in conversations, exchange ideas and cultures, and make positive impact in the communities in which they find themselves.

Nana is committed to superior human relationship which manifested early days in High School where he started his leadership roles. In college, I took up challenging role as a leader of the Asante Student Union (ASU), and the Deputy Chief Justice of the Student Representative Council. With my exceptional leadership skills, I won the admiration of all students and the school administration.

My quest for helping fellow students led me to the highest position as the Financial Controller of the National Union of Ghana Student (NUGS), which mainly involved meetings with government officials on issues that concern the well-being of all students in Ghana. These included attending seminars, several forums, visiting radio stations – hence the love for radio.

School of thoughts say knowledge is power; to me information makes u more powerful. Though I have more of business management background, my passion grew quickly when I started my own radio show to contribute to the community outside school. I have over five years of active experience with radio.   For many years I have written several articles on socio-economic and entertainment issues and a key player in African community development.

My love for community development; my passion for Afrikka Radio.

Listen to Afrikka Radio and let’s make the difference together!