Well known as cash from Accra Ghana. Sanford has been with Afrikka radio from the beginning when the station first launched. Sanford had idea to create a show that will help and unite the young adult in our African community with different issues we face in life, back home in africa or abroad. He came up with the name of the show called  boyz boyz n girls girls show and he started reaching out to the adults on social networks and promoting the show and the station to the highest level it wasnt easy to get listeners when you have no history to show for but didn’t gave up he added co host by the named Bo and from there the show started picking up and was the most talked about show and station on twitter and Facebook with real life topics the boyz boyz n girls girls show is now the most talked about show around the world! Making  Afrikka radio a well-known station. Also on air program director and adviser. Sanford is the Events coordinator for the Station. Off air known as dj cash. Sanford dream is to help take Afrikka radio to the next level and willing to Do whatever it takes, I love the people I work with we are a big family, I love my show and the listeners we all family and thankful to be part of the radio station so May God help us.