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Regardless of what we are fed by the media, Africa continues to show her relentlessness through dynamic young leaders that are reforming various industries. I was able to witness this first hand on my most recent trip to Ghana. I was privileged to meet a group of inspirational young men who are currently focused on an initiative that may very well revolutionize how we view social media. The young men of LOC have been working to produce and launch a social media platform that will reach an untapped population. I had the pleasure of meeting one on one with the group….

Joy: There have been quite a few hints and sneak peeks on social media about Live on Campus but the actual concept is still very ambiguous. So with that being said lets start with some background info. What exactly is Live on Campus?

LOC: LOC stands for Live on Campus and it is actually a social media platform that seeks to connect students in tertiary institutions across the country.


Joy: Where did the inspiration come from?

LOC: The inspiration came from us realizing some of the shortcomings and experiences we were faced with back in school. So based on that we developed the concept. We also wanted to work on something that isn’t in the diaspora and hasn’t been exploited in Africa. So we took a chance by taking this idea up and pursuing it and hopefully making a mark with it.

Joy: What are some setbacks you’ve come across so far?

LOC: There have been an uncountable number of setbacks. One of the biggest challenges would have to be time restraints because we are all working. We are all young professionals working in our respective field so finding a time where we can all meet is difficult. And there are times where we find ourselves being less productive in one area so that we can allot a substantial amount of time to LOC but somehow we make it work.

Joy: Being that LOC is a social media platform, how do you plan to compete with the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that have become apart of day-to-day life for most people?

LOC: We’ve found that the name alone is quite intriguing and draws people in, anyone who has had a hint or has seen the logo on social media instantly wants to know more so that is definitely a plus. But aside from that, because LOC is based mainly on education, there are several options that Facebook or Twitter don’t offer. For an example, we have the “Help you, Help me” option where someone in one university can post material that can benefit another student elsewhere. Apart from the fun of updates and pictures we have an academic block where we share and elevate courses offered in different universities. So that academic aspect of LOC definitely makes it stand out.

Joy: You’ve mentioned that academics play a huge role in LOC. Have you been able to collaborate with the administration of the various institutions that are featured on the site?

LOC: We have and the feedback we’ve gotten so far is very positive. The administrators we’ve worked with are as excited as we are. That support from administration was very important for us because it is through administration that we hope to get most of our student backing.

Joy: Do you plan on extending this initiative to the diaspora?

LOC: Of course but what we are trying to do right now is to create a demand for LOC. There are several tertiary institutions in Ghana but we currently feature only 15. We want to create a scenario whereby institutions are reaching out to us to be apart of the initiative. We’ve definitely considered working with African student unions in the diaspora. It may not be something we can do right away but it is apart of the plan.

Joy: What I find most interesting about LOC is your team. Your team consists mostly of young degree-holding professionals coming from different academic backgrounds. What is the common factor that holds the team together?

LOC:  There are several common factors but we would say the main one is the passion to excel and to leave a legacy. When you look at entrepreneurship in Ghana you will find that there tends to be a lack of creativity so we are looking to be leaders of the ‘new school’, that’s what really drives us.

Joy: There is a noticeable change in the face of entrepreneurship in Ghana, how do you think LOC is going to contribute to the ongoing revolution.

LOC: We have a lot to offer and in terms of successful entrepreneurship, we look to learn from successful business models. The trend we’ve noticed in Ghana is that when someone develops a business models people tend to follow it and benefit from it. So what we have done is create our own template that we hope the new generation of young entrepreneurs can benefit from.  We basically created something out of nothing because to our knowledge there isn’t a social media platform in Africa that focuses on academics. That’s our own little contribution.

Joy: When is LOC being launched?

LOC: That we can’t say at this time but it will be very soon. We recently finished the website and we are currently working on a mobile app so once we get that up and running we will begin working with the media to get the word out.  We are working diligently to get the ball rolling. It will be very soon and you will be one of the first to know.

The LOC team is a perfect example of the new face of entrepreneurship in Ghana, they are propelled by experience and driven by an innate need to not only leave a legacy but to also inspire. Eric Ofori Kwaah of LOC will be speaking will be speaking at an upcoming TED event (TEDxAccra) entitled the ‘The Next Chapter). A befitting theme to represent the new generation of revolutionaries.

For More Information or To Contact LOC email Oeric1304@gmail.com  


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