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Lets talks about trends, we love some, we hate some, we love/hate some, trend are undoubtedly one of the most unavoidable constants in fashion. They capture key moments in pop culture and serve as the focal points of our most cringe-worthy photos. But the truth is following trends can be exhausting and can take away from personal style. So lets talk about ways to keep our personal style shinning through the trends

1. Do I even like this??


This is a question I ask myself often when I shop and it’s a question that should defiantly be asked when picking up trendy pieces. Do you genuinely like this trend? Is this something you can see yourself wearing? If the answer isn’t a definite yes put it down and step away. You don’t need to clutter your closet with pieces that you’ll never wear.

2. Make it your own

So lets say there is a trend you’re kind of into, it could work but its not quite your speed yet. Don’t be afraid to make it your own and change it up. Lets take these popular flower crowns that are a must have for the “festival” look. You love the crown concept but you’re not quite into flowers. Ditch the flowers and go for a jeweled or braided crown. You still get the look but now you’ve made it your own.

3. Don’t Splurge on Trends

This is a rule I live by. If its something that going to look ridiculous to you in about 5 years? Don’t splurge. Save the big bucks on pieces that compliment your style and things that you’ll wear over and over again.

4. Your Personal Style is about YOU!

You can always make trends fall line with your personal style. If you have a specific color pallet or silhouette that’s specific to your style you can apply that to the trends you love. Ultimately your personal style is a reflection of you and what makes you unique. Never feel pressured to follow a trend that you don’t like. Your style is about you.

Image courtesy of www.luxo.co.za and http://blog.muipr.com/tag/african-fashion/

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